• Code in
    • script language
    • compiled language
  • Clean and documented directory structure
  • Complete build/install, i.e. possible to install directly from tarball with working installation script either for Linux or Windows.
  • Automatical tests, both unittest level and regression tests (could be just testing a part of the application.)
  • Application should be well documentet through comments and doc strings. A HTML-page with a short introduction to the problem area, tools and results.
    • Possibly a more throughly report is required depending on the nature of the project itself. This report could be in ASCII, HTML, Postscript or PDF.
  • The script code should make use of constructions that extends those of INF3330. For instance in Python it will be highly advisable to either create classes with iterators or special methods, interfaces that are adjusted on runtime, etc. In perl one could program object oriented.

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