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  • Hal9000

    INF5660 - Avansert problemløsning i høynivåspråk er et nytt kurs ved Universitetet i Oslo. Dette prosjektarbeidet er gjennomført i forbindelse med kurset og oppgaveteksten er tilgjengelig via forelesers kurs-sider....

  • Hled

    HLED is a crossplatform highlight editor where the user can read text files and highlight words and phrases based on regular expressions.

  • Py8601

    The solution seemed easier than I first thought, as it turned out that the python date object already had a .isocalendar()-method that returns a tuple with year, week and weekday according to the ISO 8601 standard. However the oposite direction was not implemented, but as you see in source:trunk/ it is not that hard at all. As each week is of a fixed size, we just need to establish a reference, say January 1st and then add or substract the correct ammount of days....

  • Pylibdv

    pylibdv is a python wrapper for libdv.

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